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2019-01-29 20:29:14
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 Towards summer he got ready and started. He went down the Volga on a steamer to Samara, then walked another three hundred miles on foot, and at last reached the place. It was just as the stranger had said. The peasants had plenty of land: every man had twenty-five acres of Communal land given him for his use, and any one who had money could buy, besides, at fifty-cents an acre as much good free hold land as he wanted.

 Having found out all he wished to know, Pahom returned home as autumn came on, and began selling off his belongings. He sold his land at a profit, sold his homestead and all his cattle, and withdrew from membership of the Commune. He only waited till the spring, and then started with his family for the new settlement.

인칭대명사가 가리키는 대상이 다른것은? 식의 문제를 낼 수 있긴 하겠는데.. 문제로 낼만한 지문은 아니고 그냥 문법적인 부분이 약간 있어서 가져와봤습니다

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