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2019-02-07 22:34:11
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Autism is a neurobiological disorder with a range of symptoms that include impaired social interactions and stereotyped patterns of behavior such as hand-flapping or rocking. A relatively high proportion of autistic people-around 10 percent-have an extraordinary skill or talent such as greatly enhanced memory Mutations in neuroligin 3, an adhesion protein that connects brain cells to one another, have been associated with autism. One mutation changes amino acid 451 from arginine to cysteine. Mouse and human neuroligin 3 are very similar. In 2007, Katsuhiko Tabuchi and his colleagues genetically modified mice to carry the same arginine-to-cysteine substitution in their neuroligin 3. The mutation caused an increase in transmission of some types of signals between brain cells. Mice with the mutation had impaired social behavior, and, unexpectedly, enhanced spatial learning ability.

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