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2019-02-01 08:05:23
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Questioned about the possibility by the BBC Today presenter John Humphrys, Ireland’s Europe minister, Helen McEntee, said it was not contemplating quitting the EU, that polls showed 92% of the population wanted to remain in the bloc, and “Irexit” was not plausible.

She told the Radio 4 programme on Saturday that, in the event of no deal, Ireland was “not planning for the reintroduction of a border”, and urged the UK to honour its commitment to ensure the border remained invisible, as it had since the Good Friday peace deal was signed nearly 21 years ago.

Humphrys said: “There has to be an argument, doesn’t there, that says instead of Dublin telling this country that we have to stay in the single market etc within the customs union, why doesn’t Dublin, why doesn’t the Republic of Ireland, leave the EU and throw in their lot with this country?”

여기서 Doesn't there가 뭔 뜻이고

In its filings, ATB Financial suggested the fault lies with Alberta’s regulatory system, which unlike other jurisdictions, doesn’t require upfront bonds to cover cleanup costs. At the time it went bankrupt, the AER hadn’t required Redwater to post any financial security. 

여기서 the AER hadn’t required Redwater to post any financial security가 정확히 뭘 의미하는걸까요? 


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