Judge de mori [817348] · MS 2018 · 쪽지

2020-08-02 17:37:11
조회수 30


게시글 주소: https://orbi.kr/00031428908

Yeah,all the boys stand
in line just to check out
forget about the bet,I'mma
blow day breakout
Got my mind on my money
and my money on my mind
Nope,it don't really work if you don't
See me skrt,skrt with
it,watch you go get it
So hot,so hot when sauce
gets drippin i lick
Drop it,baby,give me some more
Baby put them lips together
make that whistle blow

Uh everyday i'm stylin'
Killin' everything in my way i'm wildin'
Aiming for your heart
I'm gonna see you darlin'
Smooth criminal i'm bad untouchabel
I be feelin' myself
when you looking my way
Watch your Queen,Checkmate
for the win (Uh huh)
Pull up on deck BLACKPINK
write the check boy
Lemme hear your whistle again

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