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2019-04-06 22:21:10
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문장 해석 좀 해주실 분 있나여?

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직역은 하겠는데 너무 러프하네요.

이 문장은 in case of~ 부터 잘 모르겠어요.

Nevertheless, the decisive characteristic of the dyad is that each of the two must actually accomplish something, and that in case of failure only the other remains - not a super-individual force, as prevails in a group even of three.

이 문장은 대강 의미는 알겠는데, many otherwise undeveloped를 모르겠어요. many가 될 만한 게 앞 문장들에는 members나 cases, dyad 정도 밖에 없는 거 같네여.

For, many otherwise undeveloped, unifying forces that derive from more remote psychical reservoirs come to life in the feeling of exclusive dependence upon one another and of hopelessness that cohesion might come from anywhere but immediate interaction.


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